Argentina Tour and Places to Visit


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Argentina is gifted with the most unique and natural beauty places including all that which a tourist can love. Nearly 5.28 million tourists visited Argentina which led the yearly revenue of tourism to $4.93 billion USD. It is recommended for you that if you ever get a chance to visit Argentina, must visit these places that are described below.

Iguazú Falls
It’s one of the most beautiful attractions of the world. Seeing the great waterfall into a valley which is filled with white clouds is an eye-catching view. Igazu Falls is known all over the world for its stunning view. Nearly 275 separate waterfalls joins at this point among one “Devil’s Throat” is the most attractive due to its semi-circular dimension. Nearly 1 million tourists from all over the world visit Igazu Falls.

Perito Moreno Glacier
The massive frozen river forces its viewer to say “Oh my god” at first sight. It is very well maintained like Igazu Falls and path ways are made by crushing ice to let the visitors come closer to the enormous sea of ice. Surprisingly the ice covers an area of 250km and length is 30km. Although there is not much entertaining activities except to walk in between glaciers but this only walk keep tourists amused for several hours till evening when it’s more colder. Short boat journeys in the lake make the visitors remember the site for their whole life.

El Chaltén
This is the spot which is not easily accessible and that’s why is not known to tourists like Igazu Falls. Tourists feel risky to travel through the 3½ slow bus drives as no one takes the risk of bringing his car there. The roads which are un-sealed from the sides also make traveller fear from the journey but believe me it’s not that much un-safe. And once you get there you will recommend this place to others also. Hikers love to climb here due to accessibility of adventurous mountains here.

Penguin lovers! It’s a chance for you to meet the most beautiful penguins of the world at Pantagonia. People mostly visit here for picnics as this place is isolated. Penguins will welcome you at your arrive.

Andes Mountains
You might have seen on T.V, a helicopter flying in the beautiful valley over the lake and felt that you can only see this view after having your personal helicopter. The good news for you is that you can enjoy the same view while driving on the roads of Andes Mountains.

Mendoza- The home of wine
The world’s best quality if wine is cultivated on a large scale here. Some of the world renowned wineries are also here. It’s famous for its various flavours for wine. The best way to enjoy the vast disciplined farms of wine across the province is to take a car on rent and hire a driver for you. Mendoza city is the fourth largest city in Argentina. The city has wide avenues having trees lined on the side of pathways and roads. Camping places are also provided to the tourists for the adventurous night stays.

Before visiting Argentina read related information about the place, culture, tourism, people, do’s and don’t. Also carry a valid passport, visa, medical insurance ID card and contact information, required medicines, etc. Always book for your lodging before your land there.